Z Code System Closes Sports Betting Doors to the Public

Toronto, Ontario — (SBWIRE) — 09/28/2012 — It’s a bit of a predicament for the Z Code System development team. After some years and several months of financially successful and transparent sports betting on NFL, NHL MLB, and NBA games, they are now calling it quits from the public sports betting scene.

“It was a tough decision, we have over 12 thousand Facebook fans and sports bettors who closely followed and tested our daily picks, but circumstances have changed now and we are making access to our system exclusive to our VIP…this will keep our strategies away from prying eyes,” said Ron F. head of the Z Code System development team. “It’s a matter of keeping our sports betting strategy profitable…so we’ve decided to go private.” interested sports bettors can apply for VIP status at the company’s web site ZCodeSystem.com

“When you are winning, you don’t want to hide your results. That’s why we agreed to public monitoring of our results on an independent sports pick-monitor,” Ron told 4News Report. “During the last 2 months, we documented all picks so anyone could verify them, we even got into the top 5 world cappers with Z-Code!”

Z Code is essential — a specialized sports betting “robot” or computer program that makes winning predictions in NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NFL football, NHL hockey, and Expert Picks for soccer, college sports, tennis etc.. Ron explains the reasoning behind picking these sports for betting on as “they’re popular and allow high volume betting with the bookies, and we want excellent profits all year long, not just for a season or two while having to sit out all the other action.”

Sports betting is a notoriously risky proposition. Many punters lose in the long run. So what makes Z Code System any different? “Our secret sauce is the huge amount of historical and new data we accumulate for every game and player,” said Ron, “no other service has the ability to offer this raw power we’ve harnessed using our proprietary math formula, it’s what lets Z Code VIP pick winner after winner, our publicly verified betting results have been uncanny.” Z Code System reports documenting 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of match, rivalries and feuds to calculate a unique outcome for future games.

Sports betting confuses many new bettors. “New punters often get mixed up when confronted with the variation of sports bets offered by bookies,” says Ron “nobody can know everything about every game, the way Z Code computers do, so often a lot of money is left on the table. With Z Code System you don’t have to know anything about sports…just an interest in making a winning investment, the program tells you what to bet on, how much and when to bet and how likely it is for you to win, we even have video tutorials, it’s that easy. We don’t gamble we trade sports.” Z Code has also been backtested to 1999 and has remained profitable having never lost a single month, Ron told 4News Report.

Z Code System continues to accept a select number of VIP members via their official web site

You Can Visit The Z Code System Official Website Through This Link: ZCodeSystem.com

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Article source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/z-code-system-closes-sports-betting-doors-to-the-public-167895.htm

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