Win x10 Your Bet Playing Blackjack and Roulette

Blackjack enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to celebrate at EUcasino.


This premier skill-based casino card game pits the player against the dealer in a race for the highest-value hand. It is not necessary to reach 21; rather the goal is to beat the dealer without busting out.

And with this in mind, EUcasino is upping the ante with a stunning promotional offer. It’s really easy to understand the rules of the Super Blackjack promotional offer. Each and every day during the promotional period, 2 blackjack cards are revealed. If you happen to win a game of blackjack with those 2 promotional cards, you can win up to €1,000 in the Super Blackjack promo.

Blackjack is the premier skill-based casino card game where players can use their  number crunching abilities to outsmart the dealer.

Are you Ready to Spin and Win with Roulette?

Roulette ranks as everybody’s favorite casino table game. And EUcasino is cashing in on the popularity of this game to provide players with an unbeatable Super Roulette promo. Many theories abound as to the best ways to play roulette. Bankroll management techniques, betting strategies and pattern recognitions abound.

Whatever your preference, the Super Roulette promo is a terrific way to multiply your total winning bets by 10, provided your lucky number hits. Each day during the promotional period, players will be informed what the Super Roulette Bet number is. Numbers range in value from 0 to 36. And if your lucky number hits on the day in question, you can win up to €1,000 in the Super Roulette promotional offer. All that’s required in order to hit your winning ways is the placement of a real money wager on a Super Roulette Bet, where you can win 10 times your wager in real cash.

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