US-European Betting Markets Differ Greatly

If you’re searching for a sportsbook and trying to determine the differences between the European books and the North American ones, you might find a big difference.

In simple terms, North American books are all about steak and potatoes: They tend to offer a basic website, a simple betting engine, and focus on the major sports on this side of the pond. Meanwhile, European sportsbooks tend to offer all of those and more. “More” typically means a wide variety of soccer betting, which includes everything from the major leagues like the EPL and La Liga, an array of popular European sports, such as darts, and a wide variety of other athletics including tennis or different track championships.

Most sportsbooks in the United Kingdom are licensed sportsbooks and are publicly traded companies. They have to answer to shareholders and if the company isn’t run properly, things get straightened out very quickly. That’s not to say that sportsbooks that cater to North America offer bad customer service, it’s just that the element of being a private company that operates offshore somewhere weighs in the back of the mind of bettors. They’ve seen sportsbooks close their doors and disappear overnight but that never happens with European books.

European sportsbooks have also been the first ones to pioneer in-game betting – and perfect it – as they tend to have awesome offerings in this regard. North American books are quickly catching up with software advances but the European ones tend to push the envelope a little more and cater to the new wave while North American books prefer to stick with the old school as sometimes bettors don’t appreciate change.

It’s really just a matter of what you’re looking for, but make sure you check out the sportsbook reviews and ratings before you go forward.

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