The Profit Potential of the Niches in App Development

App development is a fiercely competitive battlefield, with many developers now doing battle. With some expertise in software development it is easy to enter the battle. Apps can now simply be submitted to the App Store or Google Play and it is not difficult to get accepted. But while it is relatively simple to publish an app, it is harder to develop one that can generate profit. Here we will look at three popular niches within mobile app development.

Gaming Apps

This would definitely be the area of apps to perhaps possess the most creations. All manner of mobile gaming apps are in existence, paid or otherwise. However, it has to be the former of those categorisations that developers seek if they are to reap rich rewards. Quite simply, the margins are more lucrative for a paid app, whereas free apps don’t deliver any profit until significant advertising revenues start flooding in.

There are plenty of success stories out there, among the best being Angry Birds, Bejewled and Candy Crush. All of those offer a free version to act as an entry level to draw players in, then offering a paid version of special upgrades to help draw in the profits. But such a strategy can fail to deliver in the long-term as players get tired of the apps.

Apps for Gambling

Gambling apps is a relatively simple area to identify when considering profitable gaming applications, especially when players are wagering with real money. Mobile casinos and sports betting are the two most popular areas within gambling applications, but off the beaten track there are some other interesting options to be found.

Mobile bingo represents the advancement of the regular version of online bingo, which in turn took on the mantle of the classic format of the game found in bingo halls. sites such as report that their traffic is continuously growing as more and more players opt for the mobile versions of this classic game. Players now have the opportunity to play their mobile bingo games outside of their home, so that increases the potential for wagering opportunities. As a result, this thereby increases the profitability of such apps.

Everyday Apps

These are the apps which you could not live without. Some may use apps to help them in a navigational capacity, others listen to podcasts on their way to work, budding chefs acquire recipe advice, or others keep current with the latest news. Outside of those examples there are many more everyday apps in existence to help streamline your life.

A drawback of these apps, however, is that they are delivered to players in a free capacity, for the most part, so it is difficult to identify how they could deliver lucrative profits. The fact of the matter is that they don’t turn profit on their own, but instead call upon the help of advertising. Small sections within the app will display ads and the developers will generate their profits this way.


Gambling apps would definitely be the safe bet here, based on the analysis above, and who could argue? Everyday apps are limited because of how many flood the marketplace, therefore making it difficult to generate profit. Gaming apps only deliver significant profit when they are worth paying for.

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