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Dr. Armin Sageder, CEO from BGT knows, to enter further expand to the world wide leadership it needs a cooperation only with the best manufactorer of betting terminals. The decision of the terminal manufacturer is a fundamental and critical in this business field. Just the best hardware runs all our advantages and TAB Austria is leading with the wide range of betting products.

Tousends of terminals have now been built and delivered with BGT Software in Central Europe. We are happy and proud, that we have already placed about 5000 machines in the UK market, and we expact an increase of 80% in terminals and takings this year.

The successful terminals are now being produced in many pieces and hold a dominant market share in continental Europe – after the start of the Soccer World Cup in 2012 there was also a large roll-out with the leading Austrian company Wettpunkt, that has now been expanded up to Germany.


A transcontinental delivery of betting terminals is imminent now. Europe is our home market and is truly a matter of heart, but we are happy and proud to share in the next few months to a new milestone in the course of dynamic developments, expanded Siegfried Dattl jun. managing director from TAB Austria.

Our market share and our betting content increase rapidly because the space-saving terminals are ideal for cafe´s of bars. Also more and more betting shops rise to the self-service terminals from TAB Austria with BGT´s interactive betting software. The terminals are very easy to maintain because the equipment components are chosen carefully. On average – across all the terminals that are operated in Europe – we have a downtime of less than 0,9%. That means a 247 operation has a downtime of less than 75 hours a year. This absolute top value is turn due to the long experience in the production of terminals form TAB Austria.

Currently we cover on the betting machines mayor live sports broadcastings and live dog and horse racings. The live offerings complete the betting experience enormous, thus new possibilities of in play bettings and goal bettings got tangible to the customers. Simultaneously all the latest quotes are displayed on the machine. Thus we automatically generate enormous added value for customers and bookmakers, said Dr. Armin Sageder.

Makes the combination of luck, patience and knowledge the appeal to betting, count for software and hardware manufacturers only perfection and absolute precision. All processes from IT to manufacturing must therefore work without interruption. In such an environment all communications and work processes are the lifeline to success. Only a 100% reliable product – that runs stably, confident and enthusiastic customers that they place the next bet on the terminal again.

About TAB Austria

The innovative producer of sophisticated entertainment terminals has been demonstrated its top ranking within the international competition for years. In 1962 TAB Austria started to develop own machines – today they offer a wide range of reliable engineered machines. Entertainment, gaming and betting terminals favour with young and old alike all over the world.

The betting terminals from TAB-Austria are equipped with customized PC solutions, TFT display with touch screen and a more than 100,000 times tested I/O Controller with cctalk interface. All components comply with the requirements of modern betting terminals. Even the color can be individually adapted to the corporate design of the customer, because the terminals are assembled in the own factory in Ansfelden, near Linz/Austria.

We continue our regular look at the many options in the modern betting industry and put the spotlight on a particular role. Our cabinets are the most sold in the fields of sports betting – several thousand cabinets have been distributed to major international sportsbetting companies around the globe.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of entertainment electronics, TAB-Austria is dedicated to the researching and development of pioneering products for the entertainment, betting and gaming industry, that are ahead of their time in design, technology and equipment – because we are setting trends instead of following them. We pay particular attention to our customer’s needs and requirements, because the customer’s satisfaction comes first for us. “Better games through innovation” – is what we identify with and what has brought us to the top of the market and as leading producer innovation is not only a slogan – it is our mission.

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