Sugar Bowl – 3 Best Storylines

by Ricky Winnor

1 –Can Oklahoma Simply Make The
Game Close?

How will
Oklahoma possibly be able to withstand the acknowledged physical power of
Alabama in the trenches? How will Oklahoma quarterbacks Blake Bell and Trevor
Knight (whoever winds up starting this game) be able to hold up under the
pressure they’re likely to receive from Alabama’s front four? How will
Oklahoma’s receivers get open? How will Oklahoma’s running backs find holes in
Alabama’s defense? How will Oklahoma’s defensive line be able to generate
enough pressure on Alabama
A.J. McCarron
There is simply no matchup on the field where Oklahoma appears to have an
advantage. This feels like a mismatch, and it’s up to Oklahoma to change a lot
of minds.

2 –Being Disrespected: Oklahoma’s
One Hope

best online betting software makes your life somewhat easier, and that’s
important. Yet, the real thing that makes your life easier as a bettor is to
win. Alabama seems like the obvious choice, but one thing that does happen in
bowl games is that an underdog plays with a ton of passion and flies around the
field because it thinks it is being disrespected. Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops
has made a lot of harsh statements about the SEC over the years. Now he gets to
face an SEC team in a bowl game, and you know his team will be fired up. Will
this be able to shift the balance of power?

3 – The Alabama Letdown Factor

you go to,you grow in understanding. Alabama will try to
grow in this game by showing that it can play with pride and determination even
after being denied a chance to compete for a third straight national
championship. If Alabama sulks through this game, the Crimson Tide could lose.
We’ll see if this team is ready to regroup.

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