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Only if you are a serious bettor who is interested in making as much profit as possible from Sports Investing, then you must have considered acquiring a copy of some sort of sports betting software program to help you in achieving your goal. This is NOT GAMBLINGand is called Sports Investing !

As you may have already discovered that the internet is flooded with information and products on Sports Betting Software Programs, Sports Betting Software Reviews and Sports Betting Software Guides. A big problem is trying to figure out what maybe a scam, what is legit and if any of these programs will do what they promise to accomplish.

What is the main problem with Professional Sports Betting software?

You will find that majority of the time sport betting software is restricted to ease only some of the requirements and most likely are programs that are targeting specific sports such as base ball, soccer, cricket, rugby etc

Some of these programs can be expensive however they can pay for themselves if you choose wisely. What you need is something that will permit you to take advantage of arbitrage betting. Basically at the tip of your fingers you should be able to see in real time results of odds and percentages and allow you to take benefit of any shortcomings.

Most importantly, if you happen to be new to betting then you maybe very cautious in placing bets and no one wants to loose their hard earned money. By getting your hands on the best sports betting software program can reduce your risk considerably. It will also act as a life long reliable tool for professional sports investing as long as it is accurate.

The type of Sports Betting Software you should get?

The main goal is that the specific online sports betting Software should provide you with accurate and enough information for you to be able to place a bet with confidence in real time. Therefore a program that has been tested and designed to seek information from the right source to create an arbitrage – this will be the most valuable one for you. This type of betting technique will not only reduce your risk substantially but also assist you in winning all your bets.

Moreover the sports betting software tool that you may choose to use should be the one that allows you to manage your accounts directly with the bookmaker from the program itself and preferably it should be retrieving information from the bookie’s websites in real time.

A sports investing program should be easy to read and use and provide crystal clear statistics that you can process when you have little time to act. Another important aspect you need to consider is that the program can be integrated with your phone so that you are always kept informed 24/7.

Why you must avoid certain Sports Betting Software?

There are betting systems that can work but not always so you need to get something which has at least high probability of winning and playing blind. Don’t think that you have to settle. Betting systems can work, but are more of a shot in the dark, and really are reserved for instructional material. A program that deals with someone’s betting system is not ideal and can cost a lot of money.

What you don’t want is something that does not channel data to the program. Although arb calculators are popular, if the program that you are considering getting does not do this for you – then drop it like a bad habit.

There are many sports betting software programs that are based around old data and guessing. Avoid these too, as you can just do this on your own if you want to take the time.

Is there a risk involved with Sports Betting?

Betting on any sports occasions of any type definitely carries heavy risk for the invested money. However, in case you are able to plot out the method to reduce your risks to 0%, your chances of success becomes a lot more, as you are capable to control your loss. In fact, this may be the primary principle behind each sports betting software. This mechanical forecast enhances the probability of placing tremendous winning stacks than the losing ones.

Obviously, a expert bettor works for hours to analyze, prior to placing any wager. He evaluates the team, skills of the players, earlier reports of the group, is there anybody injured, anybody on hot streak, and all the factors influencing the result from the sport. Huge info is essential to calculate the possibility of success in placing bets and to achieve a reasonable probability of winning using the bets.

Sport betting software takes care of all these perform, which is crucially needed within the pre-betting phase. Eminent software program is nicely created to gather the complete info upon the sports you desire to bet, with the help of prior week outcomes. Algorithms embedded within the software collate the particulars in the kind of prediction for that upcoming week.

With the most superb software, you will just require to recognize the team names and nothing a lot more about the sports or the players or any historical past. Sports betting software accessible within the marketplace is user friendly and no hardships are experienced in installing or employing it. Since it reduces the work considerably, the veterans choose using it during the sports seasons, as they can make a lot more stacks and gain more money.

Do you think “Sports Investing” is a Joke?

When you hear the word sports investing or sports betting, you simply take it as a joke. But sports betting can help you in making some extra cash as your monthly installments. Also you can take it as a profession to earn your living. Therefore if you want you can increase your financial figure by betting on sports. Watching sports can be source of entertainment as well as a source of living.

But it is possible only if you have good knowledge about the best sports betting software available in the market. You see, there is a big difference between the average punter and an experienced punter who know a thing or two about successful betting. Software shows that difference. Of course a simple software program is not going to help your average punter. Then again your average punter is just that – average.

The best software program has been designed with algorithmic features and numerous variables in order to move for correct bets. They supply lots of tips on what and whom to stake. Historical data going back decades and real time information can help you in making the choice of sport for betting.

Winning probability should depend upon thorough analysis rather than emotions. The software doesn’t take into account the real human factor like the love or craze about a particular team or a certain player. Be careful and use your common sense while opting for the best software so that you enjoy the wealth of information at your fingertips.


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See what other people are saying about this Sports Betting Software

ade. says:

“Hi Great Team, Thank you
very much for your great new product. I’ve just begin to establish
accounts, and following the arbs. It seems very good”.

harley says:
Sport: Soccer Match: Sassuolo vs Albinoleffe
Just made $47 profit on 1 bet! keep rocking!

Good job! #135

henry says:
What makes you different from other services?

100Winners is a proven service that works. I would not waste your time by telling standard hype that we are the best, the fastest etc etc.. Just let numbers speak for themselves.A) It works. We dont only provide arbs, we bet ourselves. Other services never bet themselves. See our betatesters results live on page.
B) Our price plan is much better. To compare the prices – other arb services such as arbitragepro cost from 154 pounds per month or 415 pounds for 3 months. That is around 300 USD per month. We charge just 19.99 for basic version / 57 for upgrade Arb Finder! #134

Antony says:
Great! Cool stuff. I placed 3.8% arb on Stenhausmer vs Dumbarton!
11% on Empoli vs Padova and 6.4% on Sassuolo vs Albinoleffe… total profit today: 21% 🙂 cool stuff. i use both basic and upgrade together

Good job Tony #133

Pedro says:
After a while doing arbs we gonna be restricted by bookies.How 100PercentWinners deal with this?

You will not be restricted if you follow simple tips we provided in the FAQ and GUIDE. #132

declan says:
Hi,Can it be used 9-5pm during the day and is there an even amount of arbs in the evening time between 6-11pm ie gmt. I am thinking from the point of view of using a laptap bringing it to work to do 2 or 3 arbs during the day and place 5 or 6 during the evening.

Arbs are here 24/7 – you dont have to wait them during specific time. Just turn your computer ON when you feel like making some money with arbs! #131

Rick says:
Is the commission factored into the calculation before placing investment?

Most bookies dont charge any commission. Betfair charges 5% (or less if you play a lot) and 100Percent winners software allows you to set it into calculations!
The arb generator also allows you to set commission. #130

Bob says:
The monthly fee seems very reasonable. Is it for a minimum contracted period of time or is it only month to month with being able to get out at any time?

There is no contracted period – you pay as long as you use it. Simple as that. Then cancel any time. No tricks. With Clickbank nobody can screw you with payments. #129

Lars says:
Supports software all currencies when the profits calculated?
Is it possible to download new applications if you change computers?

We suggest that you open accounts in USD for easy calculations and no currency exchange.. Yes you can change computers. #128

Aleksandar says:

Welcome! Glad you like it #127

sunny says:
I just wondering, if 100% win, then who loss? Who paid or invest the money? The money from where? Sound not logic?

Money comes from losers. From people who gamble, from people who don’t have any system and practice stupid guesswork.
We dont care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That’s why it is risk free investing. #126

sunny says:
I just wondering, if 100% win, then who loss? Who paid or invest the money? The money from where? Sound not logic?

Money comes from losers. From people who gamble, from people who don’t have any system and practice stupid guesswork.
We dont care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That’s why it is risk free investing. #125

Zaakir Hussain says:
Hi Steve, you are a Genius and i think this will wokout well. The Logic is great and i hope this will make us 100% winner.

Thanks a lot Zaakir ! Appreciated! #124

david says:
does software give enough choices of bookies,if your in usa there are lots of online betting that will not take us residence?

Please see the replies in comments. Yes, we have more than 50+ bookies in support #123

eddie says:
Im from the USA and would like to know if I use the software am i in violation of any US laws? you stated in an answer in 2006 there are some laws restricting this. please help, I would like to know before wasting my money. also as a US citizens if i am limited to the number of companies allowing me to use them then what benefit or percentage of trades would
I acheive? what would the benefit be for Us citizens ?
thank you

Many bookies support US clients. You can research the laws – the only thing which is illegal is opening your own bookmaker in US. However if you are just a normal player – placing wagers is not a problem. #121

Marcus says:
Hello, I talk about Brazil.
Wonder if this software works for clients of Brazil?
is there any restriction for entry to the sites of bets
customers in Brazil? Thanks.

Yes it works. I have not heard any restrictions for your country but please always check yourself as well #120

Big George says:
What happens if you enter one leg of the bet and the the odds change before you enter the second leg. You could lose under this scenario?

No, you are not losing this way. You will recalculate the arb using the Arb Finder or Arb Generator. Check out our FAQ about the tips in the members area. #119

aj john says:
one question: where can i placed my bets ,any where in the world where there is a betting system ? how about the far east

We provide a detailed list of supported bookies. Please check comments or contact support. #118

harish chand says:
I live in Canada . Will it work ? How do I fund accounts and how do i get paid or withraw funds

Sure you can join from Canada. Other question is explained in detail in FAQ and the GUIDE. #117

Roni Korsani says:
Sorry am really dont have credit card number/ATM etc.

Please contact the support. #116

Derek says:
I can find nothing on the sales page relating to the Arb Finder or the cost thereof.
Can you please advise as to the cost.

Arb Finder is a deluxe upgrade for people who need much more great arbs! You will find info about it it in the members area #115

gino latino says:
i live in europe. is this system viable also for european brokers?

I live in Austria too. Sure it works for us, Europeans. Plus there are a lot of US supported bookies #114

Ralph says:
Indians can join this ??i dont know what arbitrage is even i dont know how to bet and what figures and nothing and i am from india here betting is illegal if i purchase this will it be legal or not??

Yes you can join too, no problem #113

EarlT says:
Can the odds change in the time taken between placing the first and second bet? If a lot of people using the software all jump on the same bets, will the odds change quickly?Are there any optimum times of day to check for bets?
This was already replied before. Please kindly check out the comments. Ther is no optimum time to check for arbs. They are here all the time. Especially in Arb Finder! #112

Eric says:
Sounds like a great plan, but does your software except my bets and place them with all the different book makers, or do I have to have an account with 100’s of book makers to place bets. If that is the case, then u need $50k just to set up accounts? Also, how does this work for US customers?Thanks, Eric

Eric, you dont need accs with 1000 bookies. You can start with 2-4! Yes it works for US customers. Please contact support if you need detailed replies! We are here to help #111

Gil says:
I have never done this. first time hearing about it… how do I benefit if I buy this thing?

Making money risk free is a good benefit, isn’t it? Not sure what I can add to the whole detail information we provided on this page for you 🙂 All proof is here! #110

Pascal says:
What is, if you set to One Winner on Bookmaker 1 and the other as winner on Bookmaker 2! But what’s happen if they play 0:0 ?? then you loose on both bookmakers??

No. Such arb type you mentioned is possible on Tennis only where there is no draw. On soccer we have different kinds of arbs. For example 1-x2. This means in first bookie you place on victory of team 1 and on the second one you place on victory of team 2 or a draw. so all outcomes are covered and there is no risk! #109

Nick says:
Do bookmakers charge a fee for withdrawal of money? If they are then that will reduce profit by a lot for small investors.

Normally they don’t. Check with the current bookies you are using #108

yochanan says:
can you show live account ( a full report ) last 3 month?So that I can see the real results.

They are on the page, scroll up. Or just go to http://100percentwinners.com/betatesters.html #107

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