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New Rochelle, NY,(MESHPRESS) 9 July, 2012 _ Of all forms of gambling today it’s perhaps sports betting that has gone the most mainstream. Once the domain of shady bookmakers who lurked behind storefronts hiding from the law, it’s now wide open to the public.

This is because it’s legal now in many countries and states around the globe but unfortunately due to a host of misconceptions much confusion still reigns regarding its status.

So a surprising percentage of the general public at large remains unsure whether it’s even legal where they live. Then of those who are clear on that aspects of its legal standing many sports enthusiasts are unsure about general rules.

This in turn has led to the advent of topic related information online venues that function as information dispensaries. Places where interested parties can visit online to get real facts on sports betting where they live.

These sites offer up a veritable cornucopia of relevant information, including tips on strategies, odds, information for beginners on the basic rules and forums where like-minded individuals who share an interest in sports betting can post and browse opinions and news about current events.

So better person to talk about these sites than the spokesperson for, one of today’s leading topic related sites.

He told us that, “We’re currently one of the world wide web’s premier media sources for free sports picks as well as top-ranked expert picks. We also offer sports news, reviews, expert recommendations covering a wide range of sports categories, and of course our very popular forum. It’s so easy too because our site and all its content and features is laid out in a straightforward, user-friendly, step-by-step format. Then to kick up the level of excitement just a little bit more we offer our own free monthly sports pick contests as well as our $40 off discount coupon code special”.

He went on to point out that in spite of the ‘high roller’ sports betting image that’s commonly portrayed on TV and in movies his site offers numerous opportunities for sports fans who aren’t interested in larger wagers.

In fact he was quick to point out that has wagering opportunities that require as little money as one dollar to get in on the action. is one of the Web’s leading sources for free sports picks and expert picks as well as sports news, match previews and much, much more.

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