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The long arm of American law has extended itself once again in the war on internet wagering by now arresting software developers who are accused of promoting illegal online gambling in the good old USA. An Arizona based firm has been shut down after the District Attorney for New York County indicted the principals with promoting illegal online gambling.

Robert Stuart, Susanne Stuart, and Patrick Read are operators of the software firm, Extension Software Inc, which has been creating sports betting software that is being used by as many as thirteen sports book operators. The problem seems to be related to the fact that some of these American facing internet sports books offer real money wagering on sports events.

Extension Software Inc. has developed a product known as Action Sportsbook International which as a sports betting platform has the capabilities of offering real money wagering by the sports book operator. The software developers claim they are not and never were involved in any illegal offerings of real money sports betting in the USA and only sold their product to licensed offshore online gambling firms. Some reports suggest the operators are actually in the US domain.

This is a bit of a stretch in terms of proving guilt as the software company did not promote internet wagering in any way. Yet the indictment stands and the District Attorney for New York County contends that licensing a betting software solution to an offshore online gambling operator that accepts players located in the USA is in violation of laws currently in place that prohibits the promotion of illegal online sports betting. The outcome of these indictments could be catastrophic for software developers in the States and affiliate marketers.

A serious precedent could be set should the efforts of the District Attorney’s office prove fruitful and all sorts of businesses including online gambling portals that promote offshore online gaming sites accepting players from the United States may very well be next on their hit list.

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