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There may only be five months to go until the World Cup, but for now affiliates and operators alike are keeping their online marketing strategies and offers close to their chests.

While we may not be privy to their precise tactics, you can be sure that larger operators have virtually every base covered when it comes to what is arguably the biggest betting event and revenue generating opportunity of the past four years.

Over the next five months, in the run up to Brazil 2014, the Income Access affiliate team will consider the key areas of focus to ensure you can derive the maximum value from marketing campaigns. We kick off this month with insight from senior affiliate manager Allan Petrilli.

The first area for consideration when putting together an online advertising plan should be how best to approach and market pre-tournament betting.

A pre-World Cup marketing strategy is key to gaining as much brand loyalty before the tournament as possible. While experienced players will look for value across multiple sportsbooks during the tournament, operators will need to gain pre-tournament loyalty with recreational punters. Retaining them should be the aim of pre-tournament marketing and a World Cup targeted CRM strategy will be key to this.

Operators should focus on two types of punters; experienced sports bettors playing ‘futures’; as well as new or less experienced country/team-loyal punters either looking to back their nation to win their group or the whole tournament, or looking to win larger sums of money on higher value underdogs such as current dark horse Belgium at around 16 to 20-1.

One way to drill down and capture the attention of these target audiences is geo-targeting. This plays a crucial role during global betting events, which don’t come around that often. It may sound obvious but, for example, if your customer base is largely UK-based then showing a fan in England an England focused ad will be crucial; within a specific country, fans are also incredibly team loyal, so the ability to geo-target on a city level with ads focused on a specific team can add a new dimension of control. Review your current tracking and ad serving software and determine whether or not it gives you the functionality to design and display geo-targeted ads at specific times of day, in specific locations and for specific betting events. If it doesn’t, examine the market to see what else you might be able to integrate.

Affiliates also need to build ads targeted to their traffic demographic. Income Access’s Traffic Optimisation ad serving software, for instance, allows affiliates to work with affiliate managers in order to align content for the right market in each ad, leading to increased conversion and better returns.

From first exposure to conversion and through targeted and optimised ads, Traffic Optimisation allows operators access to, and a clear display of, individual players’ commission routes, which can then be associated with deposit data. This gives operators and their marketing team access to invaluable insight into the most profitable acquisition and retention strategies and channels. In other words, the earlier you start preparing, the better the chance of effectively tailoring your offering closer to the tournament.

This type of software can be tailored to any operator needs, including pre-tournament betting where campaigns can be geared towards particular World Cup groups and country-specific affiliates can promote in their regions. There is also the potential to create campaigns for each round or even individual matches during the competition, with the option of setting them for predetermined times during the day as well as for a fixed time periods.

Being able to track a player’s journey and view the channels and campaigns that influenced the ultimate conversion, while also being able to view player lifetime activity, allows operators to optimise campaigns, manage budgets efficiently and calculate immediate return on investment (ROI) – all areas that are invaluable in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Next month: How to create campaigns for each round of the tournament and specific matches with different offers

Allan Petrilli is senior affiliate manager at Income Access, digital and affiliate marketing and management specialists.

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