OpenBet signs William Hill retail deal

OpenBet has signed a new agreement with British bookmaker William Hill to supply its Promote betting content display software.

The multi-year worldwide licence enables William Hill to offer betting promotions on screen that can be tailored specifically to each shop across its retail estate.

OpenBet Promote is designed to deliver a live picture experience with HD content across a wide range of sports. The system allows the operator to tailor its content, marketing and promotional activity to each specific shop. The system supports up to 255 separate displays and can be mapped across up to 40 HD screens.  

“We have to keep adapting and innovating to meet changing customer demands,” said James Henderson, director of retail at William Hill. “Promote gives us the opportunity to keep making the offer more interesting for customers by targeting promotions and content more effectively and tailoring offers at a local level.”

David Loveday, CEO of OpenBet, said that the company has been aware that the retail customer’s demands and habits have been changing.

“We have designed Promote to give our customers a platform from which they can greatly improve the range of products and the level of service they provide,” he explained. “The high street bookmaker is no longer seen as just a betting shop but a destination that offers a wider range of entertainment. Operators need the tools available to them to deliver that experience and that is what Promote does.”

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