Olympic Betting Action Heating Up As Games Commence

Olympic Betting Action Heating Up As Games Commence

SBR tells us the latest ont he betting action for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

The 2012 London Olympic Games are underway and they are going to be quite the dandy – not just for the athletes. It appears that these 2012 Games could be some of the most bet on Games of all-time. 

With the Games taking place in London, which is home to one of the most active sports betting markets in the world, U.K. pundits and analysts from some of the best-rated sportsbook companies such Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Will Hill (rated by SportsbookReview.com) are expecting action in the neighborhood of 50 million pounds. Some of the reasoning behind the renewed fervor for betting on the Games, which normally isn’t this type of a draw for the betting community, is because the patriotism with the Games in their home country as well as the fact that the time zones will allow many viewers to watch. After all, the 2008 Games took place in Beijing and North Americans and British bettors had tough time keeping track of the action with the Games taking place throughout late/early hours of the day. 

Gambling experts are expecting the main action to be on soccer as international teams compete for a gold medal, men’s basketball and tennis. The reason for those three sports being the most highly populated for bets is because of familiarity – especially in tennis where the men and women will compete at Wimbledon. 

In response, sportsbook lines makers have posted more odds on the Olympics than ever. There are betting lines on almost every major event as well as futures on who will take the most medals overall and head-to-head country versus country totals. 

While the U.K. is expecting hordes of bets, it’s unclear what the North American market will do. Clearly, they’ll have plenty of bets pouring in too but with betting not being as open as it is in the U.K., we can only speculate. Even so, betting estimates are expected to be record-breaking as well.

Article source: http://sportschatplace.com/olympics/sportsbookreview-com/2012/july/27/olympic-betting-action-heating-up-as-games-commence/

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