Morris: Microsoft Betting the Farm on Windows 8

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Nearly three books let’s get back to the big tech names that we know and — a very much on this program joined the company is our resident tech guru and FOX Friends — and tomorrow.

— products out next week the tablet and windows — right.

I put it to you but from the get go fire.

— Microsoft is out of the race they can catch up that so far behind doesn’t matter what they do with a tablet from windows that too far behind.

I don’t think so I I think they have a long road to know there’s a learning curve with a new windows operating system I think they’re betting the farm on this Steve Ballmer has said as much they’re betting the company on windows eight.

But when you walk into a Best Buy in your thinking about picking up a new computer that’s going to be all stocked with windows eight you’re either gonna buy and Apple Computer or you’re gonna buy a PC.

In windows has such a saturation in the market that I think this is really gonna — PC sales what holiday is it any good you’ve you’ve played with — very it’s very good it’s very new and it’s not your father’s windows.

So if I — to hand this to my dad.

There’s a button you can press that takes it back in time to look like the old windows.

So Microsoft has one foot in one camp.


That they’re not gonna or rock the boat too much room by shifting things to this — tiled interface that you’re seeing on your screen here at the at this — which is a radical redesign.

So I don’t know of my dad would ever hit the other — is what I’m saying — taking — when apple does something they’re all people all eggs in the basket.

And they say here’s our new design use — or — markets — in the same.

The holdings in this windows that — doing the same but they have that one button takes you back to the old version of windows so they’re kind of saying we really love what we’re doing here — case you don’t like here’s this one but.

Is there any chance that windows eight will be liked and approved all I’m — bond bring back the PC market which is in decline I think there’s a real possibility can you have a lot of touch PCs coming out and windows eight is touch friendly.

So these tiles on the screening you can zip around it has sports information news information.

Stock information very easy to interact with — to email and — attack period of video chat.

Very intuitive and they didn’t copy apple this what’s exciting about windows eight is they built it from the ground up so I have a lot of excitement from Microsoft and what’s — free.

We’re sort of yes I know you’re — I was — on the stock but it’s sort of her role reversal I’m excited about it I just don’t know if the learning curve is too long for the general population whose used to their — windows — last one Apple’s many fine pad out next week you’ll I think San Francisco the price and the other — it right.

Okay what do you make of it big deal huge deal absolutely huge deal Google launched their seven inch tablet not too long ago you know moderate sales.

When apple releases a seven inch tablet they’ve already got the infrastructure they’ve already got the parts — the components they’ve already got the market share.

When a seven inch version of the iPad comes out that’s geared towards gaining in movies.

It’s going to be a massive — we — long it felt it lifted it you know that I don’t know today and it doesn’t exist yet we don’t know we think that there’s going to be an iPad — They do not apple.

There and they don’t wanna drive down sales of current ipads — you know without do you know who that is the Chinese factory that — and not apples.

Because the software that comes out of apple that they controlled in house we never know about until an event we don’t know anything about it until — unless there’s some somebody leaks internally.

The hardware though we know about because you have to source all these components you have hardware you have screens coming from Samsung.

You have — cameras coming from Sony that are shoved into an iPhone all of these people talking.

It’s very hard for apple to control the message that I thought it very difficult to argue against you because you know be talking about and that’s very difficult for — is typical in the situation yes and — a flake and they’re terrific and thanks for — thing.

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