Delaware first to approve online gambling

Gamblers in Delaware just hit the jackpot.  The state has Okayed online gambling and more venues to bet on sports.

Gamblers may think it’s heaven, but it’s just Delaware, which is now the only state to legalize comprehensive online casino style gaming. Delaware residents will be able to play poker, blackjack and buy lottery tickets ALL online through each Delaware casino’s website.

If you don’t live in Delaware you won’t be able to play online as the state Lottery Office will be monitoring all gaming with geo-location software. In other words, Big Brother is watching you. By next year, the state plans to have betting available for smart phones and tablets.

Why risk dealing with the dark side of gambling? Three reasons… money, money, and more money. 

Delaware estimates that online gambling will generate 2,000 jobs and nearly $8 million of income. That’s in addition to the $250 million that rolls in from their casinos.

Perhaps Texas should take a cue from the little state and get in on this action.

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