Deadline to Fix Healthcare Website is Tomorrow

The Obama administration’s self-imposed target date for fixing the website is tomorrow.

The team of software technicians brought in to increase healthcare dot-gov’s capacity has been working around-the-clock. President Obama wants the website fixed by Saturday. White House officials say the site can now handle 50-thousand people at once, but they’re worried a surge of customers over that number could cause more problems.

John Engates, of Rackspace Hosting says, “they have the right people, the people have confidence that they’re going to get it done.”

John Engates, whose company specializes in e-commerce, is one of several technology experts who recently attended a White House “situation room” briefing about the website.

Engates says, “If I had to place a bet I would certainly say that I’m betting they’re going to get it done.”

Despite the government website problems, some companies, including Walgreens are using the new healthcare law as a model to insure their employees.

The pharmacy chain is now turning to *private* exchanges, similar to the *public* exchanges used for the Affordable Care Act. Walgreens says its 160-thousand workers now have more insurance options than ever.

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, Walgreens Chief Human Resource Officer says, “where we had two plans, we’ll now have five plans with five carriers. They’ll have over 25 choices we’re going to provide to give them that flexibility.”

A Walgreens executive told CBS News every major employer in the U.S. is looking at private insurance exchanges as an option.

The Obama administration says it will release an update on health care’s enrollment numbers in mid-December.

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