unleashes new and improved Live betting software

Remember the old school days
of sports betting, when bets could only be placed before a game or at
halftime? Thanks to BetOnline’s new and improved live betting software,
those old-fashioned days are a thing of the past like corded telephones
and VHS tapes.

With the first pitch of this past Tuesday’s Cleveland Indians-Chicago
White Sox game,, a leader in the online sports betting
industry, officially took charge of the Live betting for the US market
by launching their new Live betting software.

Also known as “in-game betting” and “in-running”, Live betting allows
the bettor to place wagers on the game as the action happens. In other
words, the odds change on the fly every pitch, down and basket. Live
betting is popular with bettors looking to hedge their pregame bets or
lock-in a guaranteed winner. And it’s just as popular for bettors
looking to maximize their adrenaline rush by placing bets all game
long. was one of the first sportsbooks to offer Live betting
nearly two years ago and while that addition was a big hit, their
upgraded software is now a home run. It’s the best Live betting
software on the market and’s customers will get to enjoy
it with a large variety of sporting events.

“A major  reason why Live betting is nowhere near as popular in the
states as it is in Europe, is due to the fact that the software most
Euro sportsbooks utilize is far superior to the software US facing
books use. Because of this, Euro books can keep their lines open longer
and have a much larger offering,” stated BetOnline’s Dave Mason. “Well
those days are over – American bettors that want to stay in the action
well after the opening whistle, with a legit software and offering,
finally have a home.”

Thanks to their enhanced Live software, BetOnline’s traders will be able
to leave their odds open much longer throughout the game. Whereas most
US facing books keep their odds open only during timeouts and in
between innings, the team at BetOnline is committed to keeping their
constantly changing odds open as the action plays out on the field. So
in essence, it will be the only true Live betting product available to
US bettors.

Not only is the new software much more user-friendly, it’s also a lot
easier for the BetOnline team to manage. This means that they will have
more time to offer additional games, sports and odds. Dave Mason

“Over the next few days alone, our players will have access to ten NFL
games, nine college football games, three days of Ryder Cup action,
plenty of soccer matches, a couple UFC fights, the WNBA playoffs and
even a Cricket match. And they’ll also be able to bet Live in-game
props on many of these games as well. No other US facing book has a
diverse offering like we do.”

To check out BetOnline’s impressive Live software, head over to and click on the red “Live Betting” button at the top of the left-hand
corner of the Bet Menu. Then choose from any one of the upcoming games
and start picking your winners.


One of the few online sportsbooks to be legally licensed and regulated
in one of the banking capitals of the world, Panama City, Panama,’s management have been servicing players from around the
world for 15 years.

With a reputation for excellent customer service, 100% payment history
to players, the industry’s best bonuses, a multitude of deposit methods
including all popular credit cards, sports lines that appeal around the
world, BetOnline has engrained itself as the leading online gambling
destination for US bettors.

In addition to sports betting, BetOnline offers a full featured online
casino, poker, Live Dealer Casino and the most generous Racebook rebate
around. BetOnline:  because you can. For more information, head over to

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