30 ESB Spark of Genius finalists revealed

The shortlist includes 30 high growth high potential young Irish companies with innovative solutions in the areas of business, mobile marketing, technology and various other creative areas, as follows:

LiveDual is a betting app for friends. The way it works is that friends can ask questions and then the group of friends can connect and answer them.

FoodCloud simplifies the process of donating surplus food to charities for food businesses by providing the technology, a rich network of businesses and charities, and contracts that mitigate liability.

Senddr instantly transfers invoices between accounting systems. It is a revolutionary approach to how businesses interact with each other saving both time and money. 
Allogen Biotech is developing a portable food contamination and allergen-testing device that will enable food manufacturers and food processors bypass centralised laboratory testing. 
GameSparks is a new cloud-based platform for games developers to help them build and then run their games.
SparkPage is a next generation mobile messaging platform, helping companies like Eircom, Unilever and O2 analyse and optimise revolutionsise their SMS marketing. 
InverCloud makes it as easy to develop a SaaS application as developing a mobile app is today. 
LearnUpon is a new learning management system designed specifically to meet the needs of professional training companies.
Temptster allows hospitality venues sell their excess capacity to local spontaneous customers at the last minute. 
MMSOFT Design has developed an easy way to monitor and control everything IT securely from any smartphone or tablet.

Pharmapod helps save lives. The company has developed an innovative cloud-based software that drives standards of patient safety across the pharmacy profession worldwide.
Bizimply is a platform for multi unit operators (restaurant and retails chains), that combines all of their day-to-day operations into one easy to use cloud based system.

FabAllThings is an interactive design platform and marketplace that puts the power of making the hands of designers and consumers. 
NVMdurance solves what is widely acknowledged to be key problem holding back the adoption of solid state disks in enterprises – they wear out too quickly. It makes them last ten times longer by extending the “endurance” of the flash memory. 
AdMe Apps: this is a community management platform to facilitate the connection between organisers and members. The company is currently targeting universities as they incorporate many such communities with societies and sports clubs.
Fonsense: a solution that involves getting paid every time your phone rings.
Popdeem is a social marketing platform that connects local businesses to their most influential customers.
Medxnote is building a communication platform for healthcare workers using the doctor’s existing smartphones and replace the pager. 
FanFootage is SoundCloud for event video. It fan-sources event videos from phones and cameras and use audio matching to organise them into engaging brandable video content.  
Truepivot is the world’s first structural engineering knowledge management and collaboration software – GitHub for structural engineers. 
Zinc Software has developed the world’s first wearable sensor for both mind and body health.
Hiri is an email client built from the ground up for enterprise customers only. It’s a replacement for Microsoft Outlook. 
Incereb is a developer of the Butterfly electroencephalogram electrode for brain monitoring in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

BragBet is a brand new social betting concept. It brings groups of males together in a private online space where they can stay in touch and place bets together as a team. 
Tempity is a cloud-based platform which integrates with an ATS and allows recruitment agencies to easily source temps, monitor availability in real-time and match temps with clients, based on location and skills match. 
Pulsate will enable organisations to engage with app users by gaining insight into who and where they are and using this information to target them in meaningful ways resulting in deeper relationships and increased revenue. 
Viddyad lets you create video ads online in minutes. It is the world’s first cloud based video ad creation tool, with access to over 10m + videos and images to choose from. 
Scurri is a delivery management platform for eCommerce merchants that automates manual processes, reducing costs, increasing choice and giving control of deliveries to our customers regardless of who their chosen delivery partners are. 
Sedicii is a new authentication service that eliminates passwords. It authenticates people without the need to transmit a password over the web, or for the end service to retain a password for comparison. 
Sian’s Plan aims to make it easier for families to eat healthily.

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